Interstellar Discofest

Interstellar Discofest is a re-brand of The Night Lights Music Festival hosted in Sherman, NY. The color palette is energetic and fresh, adding to the idea of interstellar connectivity. Using a simple pattern in all the right places further represents the festival and lends itself easily to varying merchandise and marketing materials. Sprinkle in a little space dust and you’ve got a textured look that put’s you right where you need to be in the universe- at the Interstellar Discofest.

Wine Mouth

A 3D wine bottle design using the open source software, Blender, 2019. Creation of glass, cork and label imagery. Label created in Illustrator/Photoshop and inspired by the smile lines left by drinking red wine from a wine glass and enjoying great company – even if its just you and your dog.

Wine Mouth, 3D design, 2019