TAILFIN (2021)

Brand development for the fictional organization, Tailfin. Tailfin is a marine conservation and restoration organization that connects the public with educational resources and certifications, products, water testing and fundraising events to aid in their efforts. Membership marketing demographic consists of individuals/groups of people aged 4 and up. For those without access to a near-by body of water, at-home aquarium products are available to aid in research and education outreach. As a project for the people by the people, creating an accessible environment for all is a primary focus. Providing various sized life-vests and instruction for all age groups will ensure that preserving our waters from “tip to tail” is approachable and achievable.

The logo utilizes the natural curve of the typeface and adding simple linework to create a tailfin graphic in the letter ‘A.’

The slogan, ‘Restoring Marine Life From Tip to Tail,’ references the concept of a clean appearance from head to toe encompassing all aspects of marine life, while keeping on brand by involving the ‘tail’ of Tailfin.

Color palette is inspired by the sun reflecting off of the crisp ocean waters.